Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What I See in You

Hey there you.
I can see you're broken; here, have some glue. I can't fix you, but I can help you fix yourself.
I see that you've had a rough time; here, let me hold you. I can't make it all better for you, but I can help you feel better.
I can see that you're frustrated; here, let me listen. I don't have the answers, but maybe I can help you find them.
I see you've given up on yourself; here, let me encourage you. I can't give you self-confidence, but I'll be your cheerleader.
I can see you're hurting, but you don't want anyone to know; here, let me see your pain. I can't take the pain away, but you don't have to suffer alone.
I can see that you've been treated unfairly; here, let me stand up for you. I can't fight your battles for you, but I can help you win the war.
Hey there you.
You want to know what I see?
I see someone with untapped potential, with dreams waiting to be realized.
I see someone who has much to offer, but doesn't know how to give it.
I see someone who has been kicked around and beaten down, but still has a lot of fight left.
I see someone who is more than the sum of their circumstances.
I see someone who has made mistakes, but has yet to forgive themselves.
I see someone who most people don't understand.
Hey there you.
I see you for who you really are- a friend who needs a friend.

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