Wednesday, April 13, 2016

37 Days of Positive Thinking Recap

Day 37: Recap- I've spent the last month or so changing the way I think. After having spent 9 years in a very negative environment and battling depression and anxiety, it was certainly a challenge to consciously make my thoughts lean towards the positive. But now I feel myself more inclined towards those positive thoughts and have an easier time shutting out my negative voice, although sometimes it is still a struggle. I have had far fewer down days than I normally would have, which is a feat considering that I changed jobs during this time period. There's a lot to be said for the power of positive thinking!

Overall it was a very enjoyable period of personal growth, and spawned thoughts for more 37 Day Projects, such as:
  • 37 Days of Gifts-  inspired by my revelation that I am a gift worthy to be treasured, I decided that for 37 days, I will find ways to be a gift to the people around me.  We're "not the only apples on the tree" as my mother would say, and the best cure for selfishness is to spend time doing for others.
  • 37 Days of Beauty- inspired by the small moments that brought so much meaning into the every day when I took the time to notice them, I decided that for 37 days I will look for beauty in every day.
  • 37 Days of Gratitude- inspired by the people and events for which I am thankful, I decided that for 37 days, I will find something to be thankful for.  I truly feel that gratitude can change your entire perspective, and in turn, change your entire attitude.
  • 37 Days of Positive Body Image- inspired by the moments that I feel strong and beautiful, I decided that for 37 days I will find something to love about my body.  This is a pretty monumental task since I have had such a poor image of myself for so long, that hating my body has become the norm.
  • 37 Days Without Jealousy- inspired by times when I felt down and out because I was jealous of other people, I decided that for 37 days I will strive to live jealousy-free.  We all envy other people and wish we had what someone else has, but there's a reason jealousy is referred to as "the green-eyed monster", because it breeds all kind of negative thoughts.

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